Craft your stress away. Do it yourself!

Hobbies or crafts have a therapeutic magic that can help us disconnect, process and meditate while we create. What you do with your hands has an immediate effect on your brain! We can't think of a better time to put into practice easy and entertaining crafts. Here are some ideas:

Paint it out

Painting is one of the most therapeutic activities that exist since it is a great mechanism of expression and release. Now, if you have never practiced this activity, it is normal that you do not know where to start or what to buy, so we are going to recommend a painting kit for beginners.


The first thing to decide is the type of paint. We recommend starting with acrylic paint to mix with water. It is the easiest to use when you have not embarked on this journey yet. Next up: brushes, and a blank canvas the size of whatever art expression you decide to make.


If you don't know how to start painting, or rather, what to paint, we recommend that you start looking for inspiration on pages like Pinterest of some images that you like or that remind you of positive things or copying from a book, landscape or element that you have at home.

The most important thing is to stay inspired! One of the best things about painting is that if the drawing doesn't turn out the way you want, you can just paint over it in white and start over, so don't be afraid to take chances or try the unknown!

Aromatic sachets for your wardrobe

To make aromatic sachets or sachets for your wardrobe, the first thing you will need is a needle, a thread and some fabric from old clothes or kitchen towels that you have at home and that you are no longer going to use, and you can take advantage of it to give them a second life. .


Fold the fabric in two and sew it on the sides, leaving enough space to add the aromatic ingredients later. The aromas of your bags may vary depending on the ingredients you find at home, there are endless possibilities! We are passionate about the smell of citrus: orange and lemon peel have a super powerful aroma and also release essential oils that help eliminate moths.


Let the skins dry on top of a stove and later add them to your bags with a handful of rice. You can add cloves to enhance the aroma, although this last ingredient is optional. You can also try dried flowers you have at home like lavender, thyme, and rosemary. Close your bags with the help of a ribbon or thread, and voila!

clay coasters

There are many benefits of making crafts with clay, both physically and psychologically in children, adolescents and adults. We are passionate about the world of decoration, and we think it is a great idea, especially if you are starting out in the world of clay and you have not done it before, for example, to make some coasters. Each creation is unique and special!


The first thing you will need is white clay or modeling paste, preferably the kind that dries in the air because it will be much easier. Line the space or work table where you want to make them with baking paper to prevent the clay from sticking to the table. Find some kind of round or square mold so that all the coasters are the same size.


Knead the clay and use a rolling pin on the baking paper to flatten it. With the help of the mold, make the shape round and then smooth the edges a little with your fingers.


When you have all the molds, leave the coasters resting in the sun. Before it fully hardens, try making stuffed flower shapes for decoration. You can also make the figures of your choice with a small brush.


When completely dry, paint them with ceramic paint and add your special touch. When you have your coasters ready and the paint is dry, add a coat of varnish to get a better finish.