“Be the change you want to see in the world”

At "The Villã Concept" we recognize the unique and unquestionable value of each person, the dignity of each human being for being the image of God, we believe in the responsibility that we all have to bring hope to the world and, as a Villã community, we want to be part of the change .

Villã donates monthly and collaborates with entities that work for the welfare and freedom of people.


EEVAA has a presence in several countries on the African continent. It began its work in the Ivory Coast in 2001, and has spread to Mali, Burkina and Senegal. She works hard to defend the rights of children in emergency situations and in different areas: health, psychological, spiritual, legal and educational. It offers free health care, providing training and teaching courses, and education to boys and girls at risk. EEVAA believes that change begins in the community and therefore works closely with other organizations in order to be effective in helping these communities in their development.

Obra Social Friends of the Nations

It works hand in hand in favor of the integration and improvement of the well-being of more than 500 families in vulnerable situations in Spain. Since it began in 1988, this organization offers Spanish classes, activities for children, food and assistance and help in finding employment.
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World Vision

World Vision is an NGO that has been working since 1950 for development, humanitarian aid and the promotion of justice in the most disadvantaged communities, fighting against poverty. World Vision has child sponsorship projects in a very special and different way, children choose their godparents. It acts in emergencies and reaches the most fragile contexts. They supply life-saving essentials and restore childhood to child soldiers, among many other projects.
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“Learn to do good, to be fair and to help.” Isaiah 1:17