Valentine's Day is here and this year it also falls on a Sunday! The day dedicated to LOVE par excellence must be enjoyed, whether with a partner, family, friends or to treat yourself and have a great me-time .
From The Villã Concept, we want to propose the 8 ESSENTIALS that cannot be missing on your Valentine's Day.

1. The Morning Routine :

 What better way to start the day than pampering your skin with good products. We recommend Caudalie's Eau Beaute , Aqua Réotiery Ice Cream Eye Gel, and the quintessential moisturizer, Shiseido's Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Day Cream .

2. The playlist:

It is proven, music directly affects our emotions, some call it the medicine of the soul, and it is that accompanying your coffee and preparing for the day with a good playlist can fill you with energy. At The Villã Concept we have prepared the PERFECT PLAYLIST for Valentine's Day.
You won't be able to stop listening to it!

You won't be able to stop listening to it!

3. The outfit:

This year the catwalks bet on what is comfortable and versatile, you want to be perfect, fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Of course, you can always call your best friend to ask for ideas, but even so, at The Villã Concept we want to lend you a hand by sharing with you 5 looks that you surely love!

4. The gift:

You can have the perfect gift with Villã, we have provided the hint button so that that special person knows what to give you and is sure to be right. You only have to enter our website, choose the product that you like the most and SEND INDIRECT .

This year we have from the cologne that you will want to wear every day to the jewels that will accompany you forever.

5. The Restaurant:

You cannot miss the food, the atmosphere, and above all the company. We tell you places where you can go depending on the meal of the day you want to take. If you like brunch you can't miss Quevedo's La Bientirada or Fleming's La Malcriada .

On the other hand, if you fancy full-fledged American food, Pic&Nic never disappoints and you can order at home or make a reservation locally. Also, if you are a Villã customer, you will receive a special discount code for Pic&Nic in your inbox.

6. The dessert:

Staying at home can also be a great plan, and why not take the opportunity to order a good dessert to share with that special person. At La Mesa de Martha you have a lot of delicious options, from Matilda, the best chocolate cake in Madrid, to some dollies to die for. If you are a customer, check your email, you will receive a special discount for La Mesa de Martha that you can redeem until February 28. 

7. The plan:

What if this year you venture to do something different?

Something you've been wanting to do for a while and haven't done yet, go to that place, see that movie, etc. From a wine tasting, to an activity that inspires you such as an art exhibition, we have found out that at Caixa Forum there is one that you cannot miss: Objects of desire, surrealism and design .

8. The wine :

Good wine is like a good movie, it becomes quite an experience, therefore, however you decide to spend Valentine's Day, wine is a MUST that cannot be missing. We will tell you about some of our latest discoveries in the field of wine, any of the José Pariente winery is a success, De Locos de Vegamar will surprise you, and finally, if you are a rosé, you will love Protos Clarete.