original plans for a summer in the city

Audrey Hepburn picnic

We love summer for having more hours of daylight and for being the season in which we have the most free time, making it the perfect time to make a thousand fun and different plans that we will remember for the rest of the year, they may even become some of our favorite memories So write down the following ideas for this August, they will surely make your summer even more memorable and incredible.

Visit a new bookstore

It is the ideal time to get to read those books that we had pending for a long time. Take the opportunity to go to a new bookstore to buy them, you may find your new favorite place. Here you have a list with some that we find very special:

go to the drive-in

Going to see a movie from the car, with popcorn of course, is a perfect plan, whether it's a classic or a newly released film. There are several drive-ins throughout Spain, some with food trucks and different activities that you can do before seeing the movie.

Make your own jewelry

In recent years it has become fashionable to make your own pendants, bracelets and even earrings. Creating your own accessories is a great idea, be it with colored beads, pearls or flowers. Give it imagination!

See an exposition

At Villã we are passionate about art, which is why we believe that a great way to spend a summer afternoon is to be able to enjoy an exhibition. These are some of them:
Klimt the immersive experience in Madrid Digital Arts.
Turner. «Light is colour» at the MNAC, Barcelona.
Serra/Seurat. Drawings. In the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.

have a picnic

Having a picnic in a special place to watch the sunset is an unbeatable plan, whether with your friends, partner or family.