The Lifetime Essentials

The Lifetime Essentials

At Villa we intend to rescue those things of a lifetime. Those that bring back memories, those that transport... And those that have been essential in a woman's life for decades and that continue to be key elements in today's woman's wardrobe.

That's why in our new collection The Lifetime Essentials we present you in the best Liberty style, the essentials to immortalize those endless summer days: The Bucket, The Dress and The Hat. Because if there is something that never goes out of style, it is floral motifs!

For Villa, Liberty fabrics and prints have always been inspiring. Like Villa, Liberty was born from Arthur Lasenby's Liberty dreams in 1875; and what started as a project to offer different fabrics has become a key and differentiating component in the designs we see today.

But why have we designed these specific garments? We tell you more below:

The Bucket

We rescued the classic sack bag because we wanted to bring back to the scene this element that has been used for decades, and that marks the beginning and origin of handbags. You can see the sack or bucket bag throughout history in a wide variety of shapes and colors; from our beloved Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice to the very interpretation of big fashion brands. It's quite a classic!

This bag, in addition to being comfortable and practical thanks to its colour, size and 100% cotton composition, can become the perfect accessory to carry throughout your day and also at night because it goes well with everything you are wearing. In addition, it has two interchangeable and adjustable handles: a gold chain and a matching cord, in case you want to carry it by hand during more formal moments or with a chain for your activities during the day.

The Dress

The eternal pinafore style dress… Because we all had one at some point in our childhood! We love the concept of this dress because it symbolizes everything that is right in a garment. It fits well, is perfect for most of the year and looks great on everyone. It is a hit with eyes closed.

You can wear our pinafore dress with Liberty fabric in summer without a t-shirt and also in autumn or winter with a t-shirt, blouse or even a jumper underneath. There are no rules to wear it because the important thing is that you wear it in the way that best represents you.

For us this dress also symbolizes spontaneity. The one that characterizes our youth and reminds us of our best summer stories in the countryside and on the beach in the company of our loved ones. That spontaneity that many times today we leave aside. That is for us our dress. Spontaneity. And many stories.

The Hat

How to put aside an element as representative as the fisherman hat? The one that transports us to family outings and reminds us of the sun on our cheeks at sunset...

This type of hat is one of our favorites, due to its versatile size and its shape that suits all types of faces. That's why we at Villa wanted to make our own version of it. Simply because we needed it in our wardrobe and because we know that, from now on, it is going to become a must.

The Liberty print adds that touch of color that we like so much and that is also perfect to wear in summer, but it is also the ideal element when you want to add more style and personality to your basic and timeless T-shirt and jean look. We just love it!