The Villa Concept

Shell Bag Silver


24/7 Bag It is a bag with an elegant and sophisticated design that is characterized by its versatility.

The 24/7 Bag has been made with 100% cowhide with a soft texture in an artisanal way, and its interior lining is 100% cotton with an internal pocket for more comfort. It has an adjustable leather handle with several measures giving rise to the multiposition of the bag, it can be worn both crossbody and over the shoulder. The brand's characteristic logo is fire-engraved on the front.

Own design and handmade by local artisans in Spain.

Mandar indirecta

Si se acerca una fecha importante y quieres darle una pista a alguien especial, le enviaremos una pequeña indirecta de tu parte.

Consentimiento de a quien mandas la indirecta Para mandar la indirecta debes de contar con la autorización del receptor para mandarle emails.
  • Colour: black
  • Material: 100% cowhide
  • Made in Spain

    This product will retain its qualities with proper care of it. We recommend avoiding prolonged and direct exposure to light and heat as well as grease, perfumes or cosmetics, and always store it in its fabric cover.

    If your item comes into direct contact with water, remove the excess without rubbing with a delicate cloth and allow to dry.

    We recommend not overfilling this product to preserve its original shape.

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