6 Movies that will inspire you when dressing

One of the greatest sources of inspiration when it comes to dressing is without a doubt the cinema. There are a large number of films that we can look at, where certain characters wear looks that we would like to copy from head to toe. Surely you already have some in mind, but below we recommend 6 films that, in addition to telling stories that we love, serve as inspiration. You may have already seen some of them, but those you haven't, you can now write them down on your list!

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's

We all have in mind Holly, the character played by Audrey Hepburn, in that incredible black dress in front of the Tiffany's window. But she wasn't just wearing that famous outfit ; We could also see her just as elegant with a cream-colored sweater and black pants or with a trench coat . And of course we don't forget the oversized white shirt as a nightgown. At The Villã Concept we have the perfect white shirt to get you this look, The Linen Shirt: White.

2. When you least expect it.

Diane Keaton is a benchmark in the world of fashion, she looks perfect in all the movies in which she appears, and When You Least Expect It is no exception. Their sets in white, brown and cream tones are ideal for Villã girls: timeless and minimalist. We propose you our Linen Pants: White to get this outfit, also now with a special price!

3. French kiss.

The queen of 90s romantic comedies, Meg Ryan (along with Julia Roberts, of course), is the protagonist of this film, in which her wardrobe is made up of very Villã clothes. So much so, that we'd bet the actress could have worn our Sailor Shirt without hesitation.

french kiss
4. You to London and I to California.

The childhood and adolescence film for many of us. It was really funny to see how the twins played by Lindsay Lohan exchanged their lives without anyone noticing. But let's face it, all of us at some point have wanted, and even want to continue being, like Elizabeth James with that impeccable style: shirts in pastel tones, blazers and of course a little black dress. We also have the perfect complement for that black dress, our 90's Choker: Silver . A jewel that adds color to any outfit.

Parent Trap
5. The Fellow.

Anne Hathaway plays Jules; woman, mother and founder of an online fashion company, a total Villã Woman. His style in the film has also conquered us: suit pants combined with shirts and sweaters along with jeans and loafers is a resounding yes. Classic, timeless and elegant. And we have good news! Soon our Egg Bag arrives in Villã: Orange, that orange bag that Anne Hathaway carries and that we all fell in love with. Stay tuned so you don't miss it!

6. The devil wears Prada.

Another great success from Anne Hathaway. It is impossible to forget the scene of Andy walking through the streets of New York with incredible looks accompanied by the song Vogue by Madonna, in order to fit into his new job, being nothing more and nothing less than Miranda Presley's assistant. Almost two hours of infinite inspiration.