The choker: its origin and how to wear it.

Chokers are undoubtedly a trendy accessory that has been with us for centuries. However, its meaning has changed over the years.

In this post we tell you a little about its history, and how to wear it.


The origins of this accessory go back to ancient Egypt, passing through the indigenous tribes, where they were used as protection amulets.
Among these tribes are the Emberá, which gives meaning to the 90's choker collection at The Villã Concept. The Embera are an Amerindian people living in Colombia. His community carries out traditional crafts full of cultural richness.
What makes this accessory so special is that it has been made by hand following their ancestral practices. Each piece is unique and original in its design, carrying with it the symbolism of this town.


Despite its age, we are clear that there was a key moment for this accessory, the 90's. In this decade there was no person who was not a fan of the choker , celebrities , actresses, singers and even princesses; It was the trend that was all the rage.
Over the years they have changed their style, shape and color but they have always been present and they continue to captivate us!


Our favorite accessory manages to be in trend every season and is a must to give your outfits that unique and special touch. We have it in five different versions: Black , Brown , Ethnic , Poppy and Emberá .
We want to give you options so that you can be inspired and combine them!

For a basic look you can combine it with our Tailor Suit in any of its versions or give it a little more special touch with our Alpaca Vest Cream.
If you are looking for a more casual look , you can opt for good jeans and our Sailor Shirt or those springtime linen clothes that are always in trend (coming back soon!).
For a more fashionable look you can opt for our Poplin Edition 02. Here are some ideas to inspire you.