The Trench: a wardrobe must-have

There is no doubt, the trench coat is a basic wardrobe item , you can use it in autumn, winter and spring, it could perfectly be the synonym of versatile. In this post we tell you its history, how to wear it and where to get it.
history of the trench coat


history of the trench coat

The birth of the trench coat dates back to the year 1820 when the chemist Charles Macintosh and the inventor Thomas Hancok created a coat made of gummed cotton. It was a coat worn only by senior officers in the army.

Later in 1879, Thomas Burberry would create the Burberry “gabardine” fabric. It was much more breathable and was a favorite with adventurers and explorers. Burberry takes credit for inventing the trench coat, but the truth is that it simply helped popularize something that already existed.

history of the trench coat

Starting in the 40s, Hollywood began to idealize the trench coat in its films, creating the image of an "intrepid detective", a "handsome spy" or a " femme fatale ". It's clear that the trench coat has shed its military functionality, but it still maintains its classic status .


As we have already said, the trench coat is a very versatile garment that can be worn in spring, autumn or winter , and we want to give you options so that you can combine it in any of these seasons.

In spring you can wear it with our Sailor Shirt , loose and comfortable denim shorts and high boots accompanied by our Dear Bag , an ideal look.

Look with trench

In autumn you can combine it with our The Poplin Edition 2.0 shirt, jeans and your favorite ballerinas.

look with trench

In winter you can wear it with a good thick sweater like our Alpaca Sweater or with our Tailor Suits .

look with trench

As you can see, a trench coat is a wise investment and we know where you can find it, it couldn't be anywhere else . Villã has it! It is available on our website. We are going to give you the wardrobe bottom trench coat that you need in your life. It is elegant, versatile and timeless, in short: the ideal trench coat .

trench coat