Feeling your home as a cozy place is essential for the development of your routine. It is vital that you are comfortable, and  in autumn we want to feel more wrapped up and warm. From Villã we tell you how to do it:


The shapes, colors and materials have to allude to those we find in our environment. They transport us to nature and allow us to create environments with a simple and welcoming air.

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This is achieved through techniques such as Layering, it consists of using different layers that can be interchanged to create a sensation of depth and different spaces. Another current trend that will help us achieve a dynamic effect is the Bold style: use of rounded shapes in tables, chairs, armchairs, etc.

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All we want at this time is to enjoy that homely and comfortable space, with warm colors that remind us of the fire in a fireplace. For this, aromatic candles cannot be missing, and  a handmade cup with a good coffee or chocolate. We light our candle, make our hot drink, and go over what's on our agenda for the coming week.

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In addition to being a trend, neutral, earth and terracotta tones are perfect for this season, we can apply them to furniture, upholstery, decorative plants or flowers, wallpaper on the walls, blankets and many other elements. Black and white fit perfectly with them and allow us to obtain a wide variety of combinations.

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Wood, glass, ceramics, jute, paper, and brass are some examples.  The use of these helps us connect with our environment and achieve spaces where everything is balanced. The same goes for fabrics. It is very important to know which ones to use, in this season velvet and knitwear are recommended. At Villã we offer you different products made by hand with 100% alpaca, which you can keep in your closet and wear every fall.

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By making use of furniture, chairs, armchairs or other elements that we find in antique stores or even that we make ourselves, we are giving the different rooms of our home a very personal touch that will make our house a home. Our tuberose, bergamot and sandalwood candle is made in a handmade ceramic container, to which we can give a second life once the candle is exhausted as a decoration element. At Villã we believe that our home can be more than a place to live. A place to dream, share, create, embrace, enjoy and feel.

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