"Work on what you like, because otherwise, you will not do it well"

Hard work, originality, fun and a pinch of luck is what Pils Ferrer assures us that he has needed to caress success with his own hands.

With the support of her family, friends, husband and advice like her grandfather's; “work on what you like, otherwise you won't do it well”, Pils has been carving her own path as a designer, architect and artist.

At Villã we feel very identified with the creative world of Pils and we also strictly follow his grandfather's advice.

Pils finds beauty in the everyday and gives it a personal, fresh and fun touch. Where we see a simple avocado, she sees a surfboard, a guitar, and even a penguin! His creativity has no limits, apart from having an extremely developed aesthetic sensibility, Pils manages to transport you to a parallel world full of creativity, fun, and beauty that encourage you to stay and live in the painting.

We talked to her about her day to day, her inspirations and the world of art:

-What did your friends call you when you were little?
Oh, a bit of everything: My best friend Pils. My close friends from Pili school. My brother and my family Pitu.

-What three museums would you repeat over and over again?
TATE Mordern in London, the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg (it would take us years to see it carefully) and the Pompidou in Paris (the building itself is already worth seeing over and over again).

we all love cheese

One of the most recurring and visible themes in Pils' works is gastronomy, apart from women and nature, which is why we couldn't resist asking him for restaurant recommendations.

Taberna Recreo Espartinas, LAKASA restaurant and Cilindro are three of the restaurants that the artist likes the most. Our mouths are watering with each one of them!

pils ferrer

There are few things that the artist and architect do not arouse interest, apart from gastronomy, music is also very present in the creative world of Pils, just like her collages, her musical tastes are so mixed that they could form a cocktail! of sounds!

“I listen a lot to Queen, Supertramp, The Beach Boys, Metronomy... And when I have to make a record change I love going back to 90's songs like Britney, Backstreetboys, Cher (her 90's)... A A little of all!"

pils ferrer

We asked him more about his way of working:

-How much time do you usually dedicate to one of your works?
I am a perfectionist, I could be from one day to weeks. I don't stop until I'm happy with the result.

-Professional moment of which you feel most proud?
In the field of architecture, the first house that I reformed. Seeing all my carpentry, furniture and decoration designs come to life was amazing. About the collages, there are several, but the first was to see my designs in the RABAT shop window in the middle of Serrano street in Madrid.

What would you say has been your biggest failure?
That I got too stuck in a subject in the race.

Pilar confesses to us one of her failures in life, which, like everyone else, helps us to improve and learn to move forward, but always with the support of her family, friends and her husband. “They are always there to support me and listen to all my sorrows. I don't know what I would do without them.”-Assures Pilar.

We would all like to stay and live in one of Pilsferrer's works, or at least spend a little while surrounded by so much colour, light and characters as original and iconic as those that star in the artist's collages.

That is why we ask you:

-Your creations recreate everyday situations taken to a more fantastic and surreal world, would you stay to live in any of your works? In which?
In the work Night in the museum, in which the characters come out of their paintings and invade the museum. I would love to spend the night talking to them!

Pils has clear ideas and does not hesitate to choose one of them. What a difficult choice! We wouldn't know which one to choose... Which one would you choose?

Pils Ferrer

And to end the interview, although not with the desire to know more and more about the artist, we ask her a series of short questions:

- "When I was little I wanted to be..." Architect
- "I love people who..." is transparent and fun.
- "I am inspired by..." the everyday: food, nature, women... -"My favorite theme for collages is..." Gastronomy.
- "My references are..." Egon Schiele, Toulouse-Lautrec and Picasso -"If I could only follow three people on Instagram they would be..."
- Leandra Medine (Manrepeller) -Vivian Suter -Where i see fashion

And finally... What do you highlight about this 2022? -I bring more time to Pilsferrer since I am finally going to dedicate myself 100% to the company!

We cannot be more excited to see everything new that is coming up in the creative world of Pils. We can't wait to see your new collages full of life, fusion, contradiction and color!

We are passionate about everything that has to do with art and the fact of communicating a concept, be it through painting, sculpture, architecture, fashion or any other modality.

At Villã we believe that art is the reflection of the soul, and we try to convey that.

And for you, what does art mean?