How to be more sustainable in the world of fashion

Cómo ser más sostenible en el mundo de la moda

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world? Many people are unaware of this alarming fact, but there are many more: according to Greenpeace, overproduction in the fast fashion industry is causing ever-growing mountains of trash in the Global South, plus  this industry creates 20% of the world's water pollution and the global trade in used clothing reaches 4.3 million tons, much of which is unlikely to be reused.

Faced with this situation in which we find ourselves, we must act, and quickly. From Villã we want to offer you some tips to be more sustainable in the world of fashion.

Tip 1: Support small, transparent brands.

Those that teach the consumer what is behind it, that really support the environment and fight against climate change. At Villã we always use the best materials for greater resistance and durability, being able to keep our products with you forever. We also collaborate with different foundations that work for the welfare and freedom of people, trying to achieve social sustainability, which consists of finding solutions to social problems.

Tip 2: think before you buy.

Many times we buy clothes that we wear several times, or maybe not at all; and it is likely that we only bought it because of the low price or because it seemed like a really nice garment. To avoid this, we must ask ourselves a series of questions: Do I really need it? Do I have to combine it with? Do I like it because it's a trend or I'm going  to want to continue using over time? Surely that way, we buy what we really need and really want.

Tip 3: do not always resort to fast fashion.

Yes, they have very attractive prices and designs, but we must remember what is behind them. For this reason, we recommend that you investigate more sustainable brands that focus on slow fashion. In Villã there are limited units of our products so as not to carry out mass production, since the number of garments produced annually has doubled since the year 2000 and continues to increase. In addition, our creations are minimalist and timeless so that they can be combined in a thousand different ways.

Researcher Li Edelkoort, a trend specialist, said that "it is the end of fashion as we know it"; At Villã we are aware of this, which is why we want to create a community that loves fashion, but is also committed to achieving a more sustainable industry. The important thing is to work on it every day, trying to improve.

And you? How are you going to contribute your grain of sand?