At Villã we work with the best materials to be able to make the most durable garments, while we design basic garments with thousands of possibilities and combinations.

That is why in this week's blog we want to talk to you about the fabric that you will be able to see in our next release, and thus give you some clues about what is to come.

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For a fabric to be knitted, it requires the following characteristics: it must be made up of a single thread with which loops are generated and thus a fabric made up of intertwined meshes is formed. These meshes can have different shapes, greater or lesser opening, etc. But the most important characteristic is that thanks to them, elastic fabrics are achieved, either in a greater or lesser proportion.


We can find it in any season because with it you can make garments with very varied characteristics and different looks .

We find it in t-shirts, pants, shorts , jerseys, cardigans, dresses, vests, gloves , hats, scarves, balaclavas, bags , and much more.

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When it is hotter, in summer, we use it in very open and fine knitted garments, so that they are breathable.

At halftime, it is used mainly in cardigans, and this is also when it is most common to see it in dresses and two-piece sets, at the same time that vests, sweaters, etc. begin to enter.

It is in winter when we find it the most in its thickest version, with a tighter mesh, and materials such as wool or alpaca to achieve a greater thermal effect. Especially sweaters, gloves, scarves, etc. In short, garments that insulate us from the cold outside.


Carrie Bradshaw, the character from the series 'Sex and the City' played by Sarah Jessica Parker and turned into a fashion icon. It is known by all and a reference for many. It is not that she is a benchmark in the use of knitwear, it is that she is in the world of fashion. We have been able to appreciate how in many of her looks she uses layering and in this she includes a great variety of fabrics and prints, that is why she shows us how to combine knitwear with many other textiles and create the most showy and elegant looks .

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Our Lady Di, a woman who inspires Villã and who represents her values, also knew how to wear knitwear on various occasions, many of them even in a quite funny way. As everyone knows, she was a very elegant woman who, in turn, liked to dress comfortably and simply.

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Knitwear fills the catwalks when it comes to the fall/winter collections of any renowned brand, here are some examples that inspire us. As it is easy to see, simplicity, subtlety and delicacy with which they use it predominate in all of them.

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And now that you know something more about Villã 's latest release, tell us on our social networks, what do you think it is about? We give you some more clue: it fits like a glove and it will be another garment that you will not be able to remove from your closet at the change of season.

At Villã our objective is to create wardrobe funds, quality garments, so that they last forever and never go out of style.