First of all we should understand why this special date is celebrated.

February 14 is Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day, Love and Friendship Day... In conclusion, it is a holiday to celebrate the love of those people present in our lives.

This date dates back to the 3rd century in Rome, when the emperor at that time prohibited love between young people, so that they could focus, be better and "freedom". However, Valentin secretly organized marriages and celebrations among young people. When the emperor found out, he sentenced Valentine to death, in the year 270, on February 14.

In ViIlã, Valentine's Day is a very special date, to remember that love for our loved ones and show it with a detail, a moment, a place... With Villã.

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The perfect gift, a knit maxi dress, 100% organic cotton, as well as having an opening at the bottom back up to the calf, to give it that original and attractive touch. A very special garment, and the most appropriate color for the occasion.


A jewel is something that lasts forever. It is not just a piece of gold but an element that represents values, feelings and people. At Villã, jewelery has stories and is a reflection of the love, quality and affection that define our brand so much. Giving a jewel for Valentine's Day is giving a concept and a little piece of yourself. From Villã we propose some of the most special ones such as the Golden Lining , the Stack Ring , the Endless Cuff .


If you are looking for a more versatile gift, candles are the ideal gift. Giving a candle has a very deep meaning, wishing light, hope and warmth to the other person. Also if they contain aromas like Candle: Tuberose, Bergamot & Sandalwood it will be a fragrance that will be recorded in the senses forever.

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You cannot miss the gifts of a lifetime, in which you do not need to invest so much, but the show of love continues to be the protagonist.

These are bouquets of flowers, chocolates, a photo, a handwritten letter...

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At Villã, we believe in how important it is to spend quality time with the people you love. Dedicate it to your partner, family, friends... It is an intangible gift with incalculable value.

Here are some plans:

Dinner time is a very special and intimate moment.

You can organize a romantic dinner at home, with a menu prepared by you, some candles and music and in the background to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere of 10.

You can also make a movie night, popcorn, blanket...

If you prefer a plan away from home, there are many restaurant options such as:

A new restaurant thanks to the union between Charrúa and El Viajero, a Uruguayan-Spanish fusion of grilled tapas. It is, without a doubt, the "place to be" of the moment.

the 33rd

You cannot miss the moment to dine at a Japanese haute cuisine restaurant. The most iconic that never fail are Sushi 99 or Zuma , with dishes from the most classic to the most innovative and avant-garde. Others like Kappo, Art & Sushi…

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What do you think? Do you already know what to give for Valentine's Day?