Why does corduroy fabric cause so much controversy?

¿Por qué causa tanta controversia el tejido de pana?

Villã works with the best materials, always looking for the functionality and durability of its garments. The application of these materials always leads to a research of information and properties, to always adapt it to our purpose.

One of the latest fabrics that we have chosen to apply to our garments is corduroy fabric, due to its multiple properties.


It consists of a velvety fabric made mainly of cotton or polyester, but there are variations with other types of fibers.

The most characteristic thing and by which we all distinguish this fabric is its ribbed texture, there are four different types within this fabric, which differ by the type of thread they are made of and the amount.

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One of the most resistant and therefore durable fabrics. If you care for and preserve a corduroy garment, made of good materials, it will last forever and will be passed on from generation to generation. That's why at Villã, this fall, we launched our Corduroy Blazer , with a perfect masculine cut and made of 100% organic cotton.

In addition, the corduroy fabric insulates from the cold and preserves heat, it is perfect for the autumn-winter season.


During the industrial revolution in England, in the 18th century, it began to be used as a uniform for workers. This was in continuous use and evolution, being used as a fabric for school uniforms and later (in the 60s), as a stitch of greater importance, adopted to make hunting suits for British noblemen and gentlemen.

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Later the fashion world rescued him and he returned to his working-class origins, with the hippie movement .

Since then this has been incorporated on numerous occasions by the best designers over the years in many of their collections.

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Corduroy, a fabric seen by many as old-fashioned, old and unsightly, but the reality is that since its inception it has not ceased to be used.

Fashion is constantly changing and evolving, but the truth is that it is also continually rescuing and referring to other times and ways of wearing certain fabrics or garments.


Today it will not seem strange to us to see garments like this in many of the windows of low-cost stores and making up the most popular pieces of great designers.

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