What women inspire us?

The muses are the divine inspirers of art. At Villã, when designing, we are inspired by fashion icons, women who have marked a before and after in the history of fashion.

Among our most important references are Lady Di, Julia Roberts, Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn. Do you know them?

Her looks inspire us every day, they are easy to recreate, classic, elegant...

We love everything about it and it has always inspired us when designing at Villã.

Like her, we love to use basic, timeless and classic garments... creating elegant and stylish looks.

Some of her most iconic and favorite looks are the classic black dress with a sweetheart neckline, a "sporty look" with a sweatshirt and sneakers, the famous shirt and jeans look, the importance of accessories...

lady D, villa muses, women

Another of the most important muses that always inspires us is Julia Roberts. She has always attracted attention on the red carpet, most of her looks that she wore during the 90s continue to be seen in the trends of each year.

The best known are the famous red sequined dress, combined with sandals, which she wore to the Notting Hill premiere. Also, the oversized men's suit, in gray, that he wore at the Annual Golden Globes Gala.

We cannot miss one of Villã's most iconic and favorite outfits: white shirt and jeans, a classic from one of his best-known films, “Pretty Woman”...

julia roberts, inspiration, woman, actress

Jackie Kenedy has always been another of our references in fashion. His style was characterized by combining basics and playing very well with timeless garments. She had a good wardrobe, with clothes to last a lifetime, and with a combination of raw and earth tones and classic and elegant ones like black and white. We love!

We also love his nod to the French style, very Villã, sailor shirt and white pants! We always remember her famous “bicolor” look that she wore the day before her wedding: a basic black t-shirt and basic white jeans!

jackie kennedy

And, could not miss, Audrey Hepburn. Icon of the cinema, but his taste for fashion made him also become an icon of it.

We will always remember her with her famous ballerinas, her favorite, comfortable and very versatile shoes. We also love their total black looks, always a hit, timeless, elegant and perfect.

Audrey was also in love with the sailor print and pearls! Both two perfect options to create mid-season looks but with a lot of style.

audrey hepburn

And you, did you know what the Villã muses were?