Fashion is an art.

At Villã we are lovers of this philosophy and that is why we seek the union between art and fashion by transmitting the message: “Make art of yourself”.

The clothing we choose is a way of expressing ourselves, we materialize our values ​​on ourselves and we even use it in a vindictive way.

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Both disciplines maintain subtlety, beauty, appreciation of details, textures, and creativity as some of their connecting threads.


In 1937, the time of surrealism, this led fashion designers fascinated by this movement to collaborate with artists.

Pieces such as The Lobster Dress , by designer Elsa Schiaparelli and painter Salvador Dalí, were created . The garment with which he intended to allude to sexuality consisted of a surreal-inspired evening dress. Another example is Yves Saint Laurent and Andy Warhol, who shared friendship and creations, inspired each other. The painter made portraits of the designer, and the designer created the Pop Art collection , in which he captured Warhol's art.

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Fashion houses and artists establish numerous alliances each year, this has caused luxury brands such as Prada to have used various creators to boost themselves. New Yorker Marc Jacobs came up with the brilliant idea of ​​inviting artists to intervene in some of the firm's most emblematic bags and thus create unique pieces of "wearable" art, he was one of the pioneers in something that many brands today do not of today they would not be able to have that characteristic status.


There are fashion pieces that are considered authentic works of art without the need for them to be created by artists as such or in collaboration with them, fashion is already an art on its own and there are garments that are exclusively made to be exhibited to a greater extent than to be carried. Garments that are authentic works of art or even architecture.

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We know how to appreciate the beauty of the details, the subtlety, the texture, the very careful transparencies, the light fabrics and we find these represented in the works of painters like Sorolla.

Joaquín Sorolla treated light very carefully in his paintings and the delicacy with which it was reflected on textiles.

For the creation of our new launch, we wanted to rescue that classic garment that has been worn for centuries and for this we have been inspired by some of his paintings. Since it represented with excellence the femininity and strength of women.

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The Slip Dress is available in cream, light blue and navy tones. Made with viscose, a fabric with a very soft touch and a good fit .

If you feel identified with our philosophy of making art of yourself, and you like to have clothes that you can take advantage of in different seasons and combine them for different occasions, this garment is key in your capsule wardrobe .

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