Tips to create special corners at home

Tips para crear rincones especiales en casa
Less is more! We not only believe in this maxim when we talk about a look, but we apply it to many aspects of our lives.
One of them is spaces.
Finding the balance between the quantity and quality of the objects to enjoy a space is key.

And for this reason, we love creating special corners at home where we feel comfortable and we can enjoy moments of disconnection and calm.

And “disconnect to connect with yourself”. Here we share with you some ideas and moments that make those corners at home a special place:

Natural light.

Find a place with natural light if possible, either on the terrace or in a corner next to the window. Sunlight is very important right now, we need some Vitamin D!

A scented candle or scent sticks.

The important thing about these corners is that everything is in harmony, and that all the senses enjoy themselves. We recommend Jo Malone London scented candles, they have a wide variety of exquisite scents that will add that unique touch to your spaces.


Writing to let go... Writing is an ideal exercise to connect with yourself and learn more about your needs. Get a notebook where you can write down your ideas, dreams and everything that arises from your moments of inspiration. “ Don't let inspiration catch you off guard” said a wise man years ago. Those moments of meditation and writing help us stay attentive, remember priorities, and set goals in our lives.

A tea or infusion.

The world of teas and infusions is so wide that we love it, there are cold, hot, and a thousand different flavors. We recommend Hornimans Green Tea, Tila and Rooibos Tea. Its flavors are pure pleasure...

Some flowers for decoration.

Some colorful flowers never hurt, and if they are natural much better! They brighten the eyes and help generate a sense of peace and freedom within the spaces.

A good read.

Readings have the power to transport us to exciting stories that steal all our time and make us entertain and disconnect, enjoy and reflect. In a previous post we recommend our favorite romantic novels.

The perfect sit.

Find a comfortable seat, chair, armchair, pouffe or any element where you can rest, relax and be calm. Comfort is essential for you to feel comfortable with your corner and the space you have created for yourself.

A little table.

Place a corner table or a small table that you have at home to be able to arrange all the elements that we have mentioned; the candle, the flowers, the tea, the book or magazine you are reading...

Comfy outfit.

For these moments of relaxation, we recommend outfits in which we can feel comfortable. At IG Villã we have a selection of perfect looks to be at home and feel beautiful.