Tips to organize your closet

Tips para organizar tu armario

The time to start ordering our closet... always drags on. Many times we want to do it but we are lazy and we don't know where to start. We also don't know how long it will take or what selection to make and in the end it seems to be a task that we always leave for the last minute and we don't manage to carry it out.

The way in which you have organized your closet can make a big difference when it comes to dressing and creating looks for every day. If you don't have all your clothes visible, you will surely forget what things you have and what you don't, and you will end up putting on “the usual” or the first thing you see as soon as you open the closet.

In addition to being neat and organized, it will help us identify the clothes we really need and, as a consequence, consume in a responsible and more sustainable way, betting on timeless garments that really add value and quality to your looks.

We know that keeping order in our closets costs a lot. We don't always have them arranged perfectly! Why fool us...

For this reason, today we are going to tell you a series of tips to put into practice that will surely help you achieve harmony within the space you have and start having fun and being more creative when it comes to getting dressed!

We summarize the steps here:

  1. Get all your clothes out of the closet. Yeah. ALL.
  2. Decide what you keep, what you are going to give away, what you are going to recycle.
  3. With the clothes you keep, select and put away the ones you wear the MOST.
  4. Then, sort it by type of garment (jeans, t-shirts, blouses, dresses, sweaters...)
  5. And finally order them by color!
  6. Repeat the process with the accessories 😉

First thing's first!

The first advice we give you when ordering your closet is to take out all your clothes. Yes, all! Including socks, pajamas and everything in your closet that you think you know perfectly.

Taking out all your clothes and putting them visible on top of your bed and around your room will allow you to know how many you have in the first place and what things you value more than others. It will also allow you to compare between clothes that are in worse or better condition and be aware of those that you can do without.

In this step, you will also realize if you have clothes that you want to give away, exchange or donate. It is always fun to share clothes with our closest ones, and exchange a garment that you are very popular with or have worn on many occasions for one of a sister/friend that you are more excited about. It's also a great idea to donate the clothes to any institution, church or organization you know or have close to home. They will surely need it!

The next step

Once you have decided which clothes you want to keep and which you can do without, it is time to categorize your clothes by frequency of use. The party dresses that we have can be very cute, yes, but the truth is that we will have fewer occasions to wear them than, for example, some mom jeans or a white button-down shirt that we can wear in our day to day.

The next step is to categorize your clothes by type of garment. This will allow you to be more agile when it comes to dressing by having the clothes you wear the most (T-shirts, shirts, jeans, and pants) at hand and in different sections of your closet. Know where you want to put each type of garment and how you feel most comfortable organizing it, whether it is, for example, folding the sweaters or hanging them.

Also, if you add ordering the clothes by color code to this categorization method, you will succeed with the order of your closet! When making combinations, you will save a lot of time looking between garments, because many times when making looks we are clear about what colors go well with a specific pants or skirt, so you can try among the garments that you have in this color until you find the perfect option. 😉

Last but not least. The accessories.

Accessories can be the biggest chaos we have in our closets... Bags, jewelry, summer and winter shoes that we always keep in the same place...


Therefore, the first thing we recommend is to keep the shoes that you do not wear in season and leave out only what is useful. Shoes can be stored in boxes above your closet or under the bed to better preserve their condition, especially when it comes to summer shoes and sandals that tend to be more delicate.


As for bags, we must follow the same criteria as clothing. We all have bags that we use more often than others, so let's put the same advice into practice by ordering them by use. We also recommend that you store the bags in dust bags to ensure that even if we do not use them for a long time, they remain in good condition.


The jewerly! You ask us a lot about this topic. How do we order the jewelry? And for us there are two types of jewelry: those that we wear daily and those that we wear on special occasions. Try to have a box - jewelry box on hand in which you can store the jewelry you use in your day to day. In Zara Home there are some beautiful ones! And they also serve as decoration for your dressing table. On the other hand, we recommend having another more spacious jewelry box for the rest of the jewelry you use for special moments.


We always organize makeup by sections. Eyeliners and eyeshadows on the one hand, lipsticks on the other... However, we also have our typical toiletry bag prepared with the products we use the most to put it in our bag at the last moment before leaving home. You always have to be prepared!

Finally, we recommend you to be realistic about the clothes we have and the use we give them. Because if we don't really use them, it's better to donate them or give them to someone else who will surely enjoy them much more than you. Sometimes, we keep a lot of clothes thinking that we will put them to use at a specific moment and the truth is that the years go by and we continue with them intact... Being realistic and honest with yourself is the first step to get rid of everything we don't want! and we don't need it! 😉

Do you have it clear? And without thinking about it anymore, it's your turn to start!

PS: Don't forget to put on a playlist that will make you dance and sing throughout the order!